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Philosophy of Donegal High School

The purpose of Donegal High School is to prepare each student for meaningful and successful participation in an ever-changing society. Realization of this goal is dependent upon a cooperative atmosphere among all members of the school community, a broad curriculum, and a diversified extra-curricular program. These elements, along with effective leadership, provide the opportunity to obtain a quality education by acquiring the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and self-discipline required for responsible citizenship.

The development of each student's potential in the use of communication and vocational skills, mathematics, and science and technology is of prime importance. Furthermore, appreciation for and contribution to the arts and humanities are essential. Fundamental to the learning process are the awakening of intellectual curiosity through analytical and logical thinking, debate and discussion, experience and observation, group and individualized instruction, creativity and innovation, research and study, and questioning and answering procedures. Ultimately, comprehension of the significant interrelationships of the disciplines is a necessity. Although scholarship is our priority, we promote and support active participation in the extra-curricular programs as well.

Additionally, awareness of one's owns cultural heritage and appreciation for other cultures is imperative. Moreover, consideration for race, religion, and socio-economic and cultural differences is an integral part of the cultivation of positive attitudes and values.

Elemental to our philosophy is our concern for the emotional, mental, physical, and social well-being of each student. We also recognize that self-esteem is basic to the many aspects of personal growth.

The successful culmination of the school community's effort will be realized when each student accepts the responsibility of becoming an enlightened citizen, contributing intelligently and selflessly to society.
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