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A. Athletic Philosophy

It is our conviction that the interscholastic athletic programs should be regarded as integral parts of the total educational program in the Donegal School District. The purpose of this program is to provide students with a broad range of opportunities to develop athletic skills and also positive character traits which will be carried over to their adulthood. It is the position of the school district to encourage students to participate in an activity each sports season and to discourage specialization.

Further, participation in the athletic program is a privilege which each student should realize carries an increased responsibility for exhibiting good sportsmanship as well as good citizenship in both the school and the community. Athletes must realize that they are one of the most visible representatives of the school and their actions are a direct reflection on the school.

Finally, the school must exercise leadership to develop the qualities of fair play and courtesy in all aspects of interscholastic athletics. All students, faculty, and fans participating in athletic events should recognize that it is an integral part of the school program.

B. Important Information

1. Physical examinations are required for all athletes. 
2. Either school insurance or a sufficient family insurance policy must cover athletes.
3. Athletes are responsible for all equipment issued to them. Failure to return equipment will result in the athlete being billed for lost or stolen equipment.
4. Each athlete signs a copy of the Code of Conduct. Athletes should go over this code with parents prior to the start of a sports season.
5. Each participating athlete must be passing four credits in order to be eligible to participate in the athletic program. The Athletic Department conducts weekly academic eligibility checks.

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