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Business Education Department Courses

403335 Entrepreneurship (Weight – 1.1)                                                                               0.5 credits

This course will give students an idea of what is involved in opening their own business.  They will learn about famous entrepreneurs throughout history, how they started their business, and what made them so successful. They will learn how to solve problems that may come up in a business as well as learn the differences between needs and wants.  Students will learn about business plans and how to meet their target market.  Students will develop a business model and a business plan following the guidelines of class and as outlined in the text, Business Model Generation.   

403535 Investment Opportunities (Weight – 1.1) (Grades 12)                           0.5 credits

Learn the "ins" and "outs" of investing and investment strategies to help grow your wealth. You will discover and evaluate investment opportunities by exploring economic conditions and other market factors. Upon completion of the course, you will have an understanding of the different types of investments, how to make quality investment decisions, and how to make your money work for you.

402935 Computer Applications (Weight – 1.1)     0.5 credits

This class is designed for students to learn how to use advanced features of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint through project-based assessments. Students are expected to expand upon concepts taught in the Junior High program and are encouraged to create authentic projects to grow their skills for the 21st Century workplace.

403131 Personal Finance (Weight – 1.1) (Grade 11 required)                                               1.0 credit

Learn to make wise financial decisions with your hard-earned money!  Explore and compare savings plans and other investments choices such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds.  Learn to set-up a personal budget and do your own taxes.  Understand the advantages and consequences of credit card use.  Acquire the necessary knowledge about housing alternatives, buying cars, insurance and other everyday situations to help you make informed choices in the real world.  In addition, explore career choices that will affect your financial well-being. Students will complete the remaining piece of the graduation project.  This is a required course for all 11th grade students. 

402635 Excel (Weight – 1.1)        0.5 credits

This course is Microsoft’s spreadsheet program.  You will learn to create professional worksheets and create formulas to maintain and edit them.  You will be amazed at what Excel’s functions allow you to calculate with ease—from keeping your checkbook register to figuring out payments on your car.  Also, if you need a fancy chart or graph for that upcoming science fair project, this is the course for you!  


Prerequisites: Computer Applications or Microsoft Word

402535 Desktop Publishing (Weight – 1.1) (Grades 10, 11, 12)                                               0.5 credits

Learn how to create a professional-looking brochure or flyer for an important upcoming school event!   Desktop Publishing is a course that will acquaint students with graphic design techniques and the basic principles of page layout and design. Students will create a variety of documents such as fliers, brochures, announcements, certificates, labels and newsletters using Microsoft Publisher software.  

Prerequisite: Computer Applications 

403331 Personal Law (Weight – 1.1) (Grades 11, 12)                                                               1.0 credit

This course will help you learn the law as it relates to you. Criminal, civil, consumer, and contract law are a few of the topics covered. Students will also learn how to prepare their own income tax return forms. Real-life topics will be tied into the classroom material.

403431 Sports/Entertainment Marketing (Weight – 1.1)   (Grades 10, 11, 12)                      1.0 credit

Sports and Entertainment Marketing will explore marketing principles and concepts as applied to the ever-popular industries of Sports and Entertainment.  Project-based learning will emphasize the development of knowledge and skills related to product management, pricing, promotion, and distribution as they relate to real world marketing situations.  The projects and inquiry learning exercises, case problems, and activities for this course are designed to reflect authentic learning situations as found in the sports and entertainment industries.

403631 Digital Media Communications I (Weight 1.1) (Grades 10, 11, 12)       1.0 credit

Harness the power of digital technologies and engage in authentic learning experiences by creating digital media communications. Use effective business communication to create digital media and share stories via social media, the District website, and the morning announcements. You will create effective digital content, partner with local businesses to promote branding, and serve as the public relations content developer for the Donegal School District and its extracurricular organizations.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Digital Video Production and/or Sports and Entertainment Marketing or teacher approval.

401131 Accounting I (Weight – 1.1) (Grades 10, 11, 12)                                                         1.0 credit

This course will give you a thorough background in the basic accounting procedures used to operate a business. The accounting procedures presented will also serve as a sound background for employment in office jobs and preparation for studying business courses in college. Computers will be used to help you understand the automated accounting process.

401231 Accounting II (Weight – 1.1)   (Grades 11, 12)                                                         1.0 credit

This course is specifically vocational and career oriented. It is for the students who plan a career in business, plan to go to college and major in accounting, marketing, or management, or who plan to enter the business world as an owner or manager. The extensive use of computers will also help prepare the students for entry-level jobs in the business world.

Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Accounting I with a grade of ‘B’ or higher and teacher recommendation.

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